Official MEA Recommendations

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If a race is not listed for your area, MEA may not have been made aware of a local S&R decision, or the local committee may have chosen to not conduct interviews or issue a recommendation for that race at this time. For more information about local S&R decisions, please contact the local MEA office in that area. If you have any questions or you believe a recommendation is missing for your area, please email us at

Listed candidates are recommended under the rules of MEA’s Screening & Recommending process. Outside of statewide positions screened and voted on by the Statewide S&R Committee, all interviews and recommendation decisions are made at the local level by committees of MEA members based on candidate positions on education and labor issues. Candidates from both parties are invited to participate in the S&R process. Congressional recommendations are interviewed and voted on locally, and then forwarded for final approval by the National Education Association under their rules and procedures.